Specialty Insurance

F.A. Peabody Is Not Your Average Insurance Agency

When you need more than just the standard insurance, look to F.A. Peabody of Maine. An advantage of getting your insurance from us is the access to multiple insurance sources, and it also means that we often have the right coverage for special cases. Our agents are adept at providing options like home an auto insurance policy, but we also have the experience to get you the policies that aren’t as typical.

Our personal specialty lines include:

  • Pet insurance…for the animal that has become a big part of your family. An emergency trip to the vet could have a significant financial impact. Pet insurance helps ensure that you can give your pet the care it needs without breaking the bank.
  • Wedding insurance…to cover the day that you’ve spent so long planning. On the happiest day of your life, you don’t want to have to worry about loss or liability. Consider wedding insurance as the peace of mind you need to happily step into the next wonderful chapter of your life.
  • Travel insurance…to safeguard the trip you’re so excited about. Don’t let your much-anticipated vacation plans fall apart. Travel insurance is affordable and – especially in the winter – necessary!
  • And more!

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