7th Annual Bridge to Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Houlton raises money for cancer research and to help local families fighting the dreaded illness.

The Bridge to Hope walk was started in 2005 by Cathy Forest, had 40 participants and raised $800.  Each year has seen continued growth in community support, with last year’s event boasting 165 walkers and raising over $5,000.  The money raised is used to support the American Cancer Society, present scholarships to local students and to help local families who are going through expensive treatment, for any type of cancer.  

This year’s walk is coordinated by Cathy Forest, Pam and Amy Hocking, Marie Carmichael, Kim Folsom and Dee Henderson (a FAPCO employee.)  Dee says that one of her favorite things about the walk is that is that it is a wonderful example of local women joining together to assist local people in their fight against cancer.  With the money raised, 20 local cancer patients and their families have been helped out in the last year.

She is also excited about the anonymous donor who gave the American Cancer Society money to provide 500 pink tulips to Bridge to Hope.  Plans are being made to plant a pink ribbon garden by Gateway Bridge in Houlton.

Walkers take pledges and donations to complete the walk, and other funds are raised through a homemade quilt raffle and the sale of “Bosom Buddy Bags and Beads.”  Raffle tickets and merchandise will be available for sale at a table at this Saturday’s Riverfront Harvest Festival.  This year’s quilt is on display at Daniel’s Florist.

To find out more, visit the Facebook pages of Bridge to Hope and Bosom Buddy Bags and Beads.  You can also find out more about the “Pink Tulip Project” to build breast cancer awareness at their website.