According to the Uniform Crime Report, burglaries in Maine increased 9.4 percent from 2009 to 2010, with 7,343 reported. Coming home to find your house has been broken into is a difficult situation. Being home while it occurs is even worse. A home invasion may result in more than just theft – your residence could be vandalized, and you could be injured. Can a home break-in be prevented?

•    Windows and doors are outfitted with locks for a reason – use them!

•    Any entrance to your home should be well lit.

•    Do not allow the bushes around your home to grow too large. They could give crooks a place to hide while waiting to ambush you.

•    Never open the door blindly. You should always look through the peephole first. Chain latches are not a safe way to check the identity of a visitor. They are often easy to break. Instead, keep the door closed and locked, while using a loud voice to ask the guests to identify themselves.

•    Flimsy doors and locks may do little to deter thieves. Homeowners should invest in solid wood doors, as well as heavy-duty deadbolts.

•    An alarm may not scare away all thieves. By investing in a monitored system, you could ensure the police are called even if you are unable to get to a phone.

An adequate insurance policy could ensure a burglary does not leave you in dire financial straits. Do you have home insurance? To obtain coverage to replace stolen or damaged possessions, or repair property damage, contact us.