Kennebec Taxi has been serving Augusta and the surrounding areas for years. Started by Sam Spinicci, along with his daughter Tammy Bolduc, they saw a need in the local community for clean, safe, and dependable taxi services. Most of the existing services had issues with reliability, which left potential customers in a lurch when they needed a ride. The story of Kennebec Taxi is a simple one, but that makes it no less profound. It’s the story of a company which handles business the way business is supposed to be handled, with a heavy reliance on service and a dependability that is second to none.

The company started with Tammy borrowing $5,000 from her stepfather. She then struck out bravely into the entrepreneurial world, after seeing a gap in the industry and having the confidence to fill that gap professionally. In just a few years, Tammy grew the company from just herself and her stepfather to 13 full time employees. After her stepfather tragically passed away in a house fire, Tammy took over sole ownership and management of Kennebec Taxi. Without insurance on the home, the family had trouble getting back on their feet; however, their perseverance paid off and with the help of FA Peabody, they found an insurance policy that would fit both their new home and their business, which is just how Sam would have wanted it.

Tammy handles her business with both her customers and employees needs at the top of her agenda. She cares deeply about her employees, fully covering all of them for workers compensation, something which many taxi companies attempt to avoid. Furthermore, she ensures that the business itself and all of the vehicles are fully covered. When she adds new drivers or vehicles, she handles the paperwork on the same day, rather than procrastinating.

Most importantly, Kennebec Taxi and all of its employees place a very high standard for the services that they provide. Whether it’s a simple ride across town or something a bit more involved, Tammy and her staff place an emphasis on their dependability, and their clients keep coming back because of it. Their vehicles are clean and safe, something which many taxi companies tend to neglect (whether they realize it or not).

The reason Tammy started the company has not changed. She saw a need in her community for a safe, clean, and reliable taxi service. Over the years, storms have been weathered while her business has quickly grown. Kennebec Taxi is a company that holds itself to a higher standard. They are always mindful of their original core values that have brought them success. If you need a ride, they’re ready.

Chris Austin is the Agent for Kennebec Taxi. Chris handles the full spectrum of commercial insurance specializing in manufacturing, retail and transportation.