Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to pop the question, but few people ask this question: “Is my engagement ring insured?”

Homeowners policies limit coverage for theft of jewelry, usually to only $1,000. With the average cost of an engagement ring topping $5,000 (according to, coverage is limited unless you specifically purchase additional coverage.

Perhaps it would lessen the romance, but you and your fiance should discuss who owns the ring until you are married, and that person should insure the ring. It is easy enough to do. Get an appraisal and take it to your agent, who will add it to your homeowners or renters insurance (or your parents’ homeowners if you still live at home.) When you get married, get a homeowners or renters’ policy in both of your names, and add coverage for the ring and all jewelry that you want covered.

Most endorsements that cover jewelry include “all-risk” coverage, including loss or accidental damage, for a very reasonable cost.

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