When you own a home, one of the situations you have to ready yourself for is the possibility that someone could be seriously injured on your property. This is one of the many reasons to purchase homeowners insurance in Maine – to ensure your family’s financial future is not endangered by a personal injury case. Certain areas around the home offer a greater opportunity for injury, but you could take steps to make them safer.

Naturally, a swimming pool may be a cauldron of risk, with sharp edges and slippery surfaces. Often these areas are under-lit, increasing the possibility of a nighttime injury. Be sure to keep the perimeter of the pool clear of floats, ropes, or any equipment that could trip someone up. Have strict rules in place for young ones, and never allow them to swim unsupervised.

Another risky spot is the garage. With many serving dual purposes as both auto storage and workshop, safety is often overlooked. Whenever utilizing power tools, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and always wear appropriate protective clothing.  Make sure your clear children and pets from the space until your jobs have been completed. Lock your tools up to keep them from prying hands.

Your house may not be a deathtrap, but you should still have a healthy awareness of the risk on the premises. Your financial health may be safe thanks to your homeowners insurance in Maine, but you should still be proactive in preventing injuries.