Flood insurance

Flooding is not covered under your homeowner insurance. It’s important to recognize that damage covered by flood insurance does not necessarily require a flood as most people think of a flood!


Many believe that flood insurance is only available or necessary if they live in a flood zone. However, you can purchase flood insurance whether your home is situated in a “flood zone” or not.  You could experience flash flooding or damage from water soaked soil in a heavy rain season or damage from rapidly melting snow even if your home is not located near a river or other body of water.  In fact, twenty five percent (25%) of all flood claims occur in low to moderate flood areas.


Flood insurance coverage should be thought of as surface water damage coverage, which is excluded under the standard homeowner policy.  If you are financing a home that is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), the lender will require that you carry flood insurance on your property.


It’s important to consider flood insurance several weeks prior to normal flood season since it does not become effective until 30 days from the initial purchase (unless it is required by a lender).  This waiting period is established to stop last minute purchases that would create excessive adverse selection.


The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a division of FEMA, oversees the flood insurance program.  Flood Insurance is available in all communities that participate in the NFIP.    To get the facts on flood insurance call your FAPCO agent.