FAPCO Signs Frankie Allen

Houlton, Maine –  The F. A, Peabody Company (FAPCO) recently signed Jim Hohenstein of Greenfield to serve as Frankie Allen, the firm’s public personality, spokesperson and entertainer.  Christopher Anderson, president of FAPCO, said, “We have been searching several years for the right person to represent the company as our goodwill ambassador.  It was extremely important that FAPCO’s persona be characterized by an individual embodying honesty, integrity and true grit.  That special person should also genuinely love people and be someone everyone can relate to in their lives.  Jim brings to life the Frankie Allen of our dreams.” 

Hohenstein was scouted by Gregg Swallow, V. P. Marketing for the firm.  Swallow was familiar with Hohenstein’s public appeal and talent as a musician when Jim was discipleship minister for Military Street Baptist Church in Houlton.  It was not until over a year later that he thought Jim could handle the role of Frankie Allen.  The light came on that he had found the right person when he recently learned of Hohenstein’s love of playing before groups of elderly shut-ins at the local nursing homes.  Swallow explains, “Jim’s talent extends beyond his guitar.  He is a simple man of real life experiences giving him tremendous capacity as a coach and mentor.  He has a heart for people of all types and loves to entertain groups.  Jim loves Maine and all things Maine has to offer.  He is Frankie Allen; body, mind and soul!”   

For years companies in general have relied on public spokespeople to directly and indirectly sell their products by starring in ads or making public appearances.  In recent years, the large national insurance companies have spent billions of dollars developing characters of interest to promote their respective company’s services.  The Gekko from GEICO, Flo from Progressive Insurance Company and Mr. Mayhem from Allstate Insurance Company are a few of the more noteworthy characters lately.   “Obviously a mid-size insurance agency serving a relatively small Maine market does not have the resources to develop a public figure to the same degree” Swallow stated, “but FAPCO has a local presence and a real human in Frankie (Jim) that we think will relate to our customers.”  Frankie Allen’s general character was created by Swallow using Jim’s core personality and disposition as an anchor for the concept.  Frankie Allen is a good ole Maine boy who is habitually down on his luck but keeps a constant glimmer of optimism in the future and never loses hope.  He puts his experiences and feelings to music as he travels the tough road of life.  Through all of Frankie’s trials and tribulations he always has time for others, especially those who are downtrodden.  He has a heart for those who need encouragement; however, Frankie “should ‘a called FAPCO!”, thus making life much simpler by being properly protected. 

Anderson states “As a local, family-owned business we’re a part of the communities’ that we serve and we want to show our appreciation for their trust in us over the years.  2012 marks our 85th year as a local Maine business.”  FAPCO is offering Frankie’s services as a singer/entertainer to assisted living facilities, hospitals, civic organizations and other non-profit organizations as a free service. “We at FAPCO want Frankie to be as much a part of the local community as we are and contribute to them in a meaningful way.  If Frankie has a heart for people and serves as an encourager to others we feel it’s important to act on that premise and not simply state it”, explained Swallow. 

In November, Frankie Allen will begin immediately appearing in radio, print and television advertising for the company and performing at selected locations.  For a schedule of his free performances go to his Facebook page titled; Frankie Allen the #1 FAPCO fan.  To book Frankie for a session, contact the FAPCO marketing department directly at their Houlton office or through the web site, fapeabody.com., by simply clicking the Frankie Allen icon to submit a request. 

The F. A. Peabody Company is a full service Maine-based insurance agency incorporated in 1927.  FAPCO writes all lines of personal and business insurance.  The agency also has a life and benefits division.  FAPCO has eight offices throughout central and northern Maine including Hampden, Calais, Lincoln, Sherman, Houlton, Mars Hill, Presque Isle and Caribou.  The company slogan is “UH, OH …I should have called FAPCO…Because Things Happen.”