Frankie Allen, FAPCO’s #1 fan, will be visiting Houlton and Mars Hill tomorrow, to play his guitar, sing and visit with the residents of Gardiner Health Care Facility and Aroostook Health Center.  “Frankie Allen is a good ole Maine boy who seems to be habitually down on his luck but never loses hope – or that constant glimmer of optimism in the future. He puts his experiences and feelings to music, as he travels the tough road of life. Throughout all of Frankie’s trials and tribulations he always has time for others, especially those who are downtrodden.”  (you can read the rest of his bio here.)  Frankie is very popular with nursing home residents throughout the state of Maine, and is looking forward to honoring mothers in time for Mothers’ Day.

Frankie enjoys his time at Gardiner Health Care Facility, whose Facebook page is a wealth of good information about aging.  This week, they shared a great link about the impact of mothers on their children, throughout life.


Frankie at Gardiner last month


Frankie at Aroostook Health Care

If you would like Frankie to entertain at your facility or event, contact us.