On weekends and vacations, many families enjoy going out on bike rides together to help keep fit or just to enjoy the outdoors. Under Maine homeowners insurance, policy-holders have coverage for their personal belongings as well as the home building, and this may include any bicycles they own. All family bicycles should be added to the inventory list of possessions, and receipts kept as a record of the purchase.

Naturally, you would want to keep your family bicycles safe from the risk of theft. To protect your bikes and reduce the chance of them being stolen, buy strong locking devices that cannot be easily cut or opened. In addition, always lock the bikes away when not in use, preferably in a secure shed or garage, or to a bike rack or post if you are out. Make sure that both wheels and the frame are secured to the bike-rack or post. Your bicycles can be registered with the police or the National Bike Registry, where the details will be kept in a database. This may help when it comes to recovering the bike if it is stolen.

In the event that one of your bikes is stolen, notify our agency as soon as possible in case it is not quickly recovered and you need to file a claim against your Maine homeowners insurance policy. Ask one of our agents for further advice so you can continue to ride forward!