you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, baby shower, or the season
by having a barbeque with family and friends, summer parties can be
an excellent way to unwind and have fun. They also pose unique risks
to homeowners hosting the party. Here are some tips for keeping your
summer party safe to avoid claims on your homeowners insurance:

  • Grill
    Safety – Barbecue grills contributed to an estimated 22,574 injuries
    in the U.S. in 2010, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
    Commission (CPSC). Prevent grilling accidents by:

    • Checking
      gas grill hoses to ensure they’re not blocked, cracked or damaged,
      before use.

    • Avoiding
      all grilling activities in enclosed areas or on a terrace or roof.

    • Always
      having a working fire extinguisher nearby.

    • Monitoring
      alcohol consumption of the cook.

  • Pool
    Safety – There are on average around 5,100 pool-related injuries per
    year, according to the CPSC. Avoid pool accidents by:

    • Getting
      CPR certified.

    • Installing
      a gated fence around your pool to prevent small children and pets
      from gaining unassisted access.

    • Having
      plenty of floatation devices available to guests and creating a
      rule that all children wear floatation devices when near the pool.

    • Ensuring
      there is a sober adult watching the pool at all times.

  • Drinking
    & Eating Safety – It may be the last type of accident you’re
    concerned about but drinking responsibly and serving properly cooked
    food are vitally important to the safety of your guests and to your
    liability as a host. Here are some safety tips:

    • Offer
      plenty of food to guests to encourage them to eat a lot while

    • Monitor
      any raucous behavior and ensure anyone who appears to be inebriated
      has a responsible ride home.

    • Use
      meat thermometers to ensure all dishes are cooked to the
      appropriate internal temperature to prevent food poisoning.These
      simple tips can help to ensure your summer parties remain fun and
      accident free!