Superstorm Sandy is definitely one for the history books.  A hurricane slams into an arctic cold front to affect the entire east coast with wind, rain, floods and snow.  And since it happened the week of Halloween, it’s been dubbed “Frankenstorm.”  How will it impact Halloween for the millions of Americans in its path?

Obviously, those without homes and power have a lot more to worry about than trick-or-treating or party plans.  But try explaining that to disappointed children, who don’t always think rationally, especially about major holidays.  The Wall Street Journal published an article to help parents explain to children why Halloween might be canceled.

This storm will negatively affect retailers, as Halloween brings with it the most sales of candy every year.  With millions without power and repairing major damage to their homes, candy will be far from the top of the to-do list.

Sandy has impacted us here in Maine, to a lesser degree, and we are facing high winds and rain for Halloween night.  This doesn’t sound too bad to those of us who grew up here, and have often been forced into snowsuits over our Halloween costumes.  Or even tried to squeeze a costume over a snowsuit!  We can handle carrying an umbrella tomorrow night.

Everyone stay safe as we ride out this storm, and have a Happy Halloween!