decreasing the likelihood you’ll be making claims for theft on your homeowners insurance Maine. With the various fence options on the market, you may be unsure of which type of fence you should choose. Here are five aspects of fencing to consider.

Security versus Privacy

Contrary to popular belief, a high fence isn’t always the best option for security. If a burglar can climb over it and then have complete privacy, a high fence might defeat its purpose. Naturally, a high fence is great for privacy. If you’re set on having a high fence you might consider adding a security system that could deter any determined burglars.


Barbed wire, thorny vines and even wrought iron bars can all pose a hazard to children. Will there be small children on or near your property?

Attractiveness to vandals

Nothing says “graffiti me” quite like a smooth new fence! Is graffiti a problem in your area?


There’s every chance that cost will play a role in your decision. A high brick fence or an elegant wrought iron one can set you back thousands. 

Are you adding a fence and other security features to your home? Speak to your agent to see if your improvements will have a positive effect on the cost of coverage when you renew your homeowners insurance Maine.