During the holiday season or at vacation times, many people venture out on long trips and may spend more time driving at night. Should you intend on joining them, it’s especially important at these times to make sure that your Maine auto insurance policy is up-to-date and adequate. This will help you be well-prepared in advance for any long trips and to practice safe driving. Tips for doing so include:

• Before setting off, check your tires, fluid levels, brakes and lights.
• Plan your trip well ahead including the route you intend taking.
• Make sure to get adequate sleep beforehand – lack of sleep can interfere with your ability to drive safely.
• Take some snacks and drinks for the trip.
• Visibility is reduced in the dark so drive more slowly at this time.
• Don’t drive in the middle of the night.
• Take regular breaks, and have a nap if you are feeling sleepy.
• Share the driving with another person if possible.
• Keep your windshield clean – if necessary give it a wash at your next break/fuel stop.
• In foggy conditions, use low-beam headlights, and also drive more slowly than you normally would.

Being well-prepared and practicing safety can help to make your trip and vacation more enjoyable, and reduce your risk of accidents or mishaps. This in turn may help to save money on your Maine auto insurance by helping you maintain a safe driving record, as well as avoid the inconvenience of having your car towed!