According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wearing seat belts is the best protection against injury on the road. Seat belts help to keep you secure inside the car as opposed to being thrown out, often at high speed. This not only means saved lives, but a reduced requirement for claims on Maine auto insurance policies.

The NHTSA states that seat belts save more than 13,000 lives each year by protecting people during accidents. They now work in conjunction with airbags – which should not be seen as a replacement for seat belts. In fact, airbags can be very dangerous if they open onto a vehicle occupant who is not wearing a seat belt.

To work properly, it’s important that seat belts fit properly and are worn correctly. The shoulder belt should cross the middle of your chest and the lap belt, below your stomach. Should a seat belt not be a good fit for you, it can and should be adjusted.

The driver and all passengers should wear seat belts while the car is on the road. Younger children will need to be in special restraints – more information on this can be found at NHTSA. Wearing seat belts not only helps reduce injuries and fatalities, but by reducing the number of claims on Maine auto insurance policies it helps to keep the cost of premiums lower!