When it comes to driving in Maine, the first priority is safety on the roads. It’s as important to be aware of and comply with local highway laws just as it is to have adequate Maine auto insurance coverage for your protection. State road rules and regulations are designed around improving safety and helping to reduce the number of mishaps on the road. Some of these laws include:

• Maximum speed limits: 60-65mph in urban and 75mph in rural zones.
• Blood alcohol limit: 0.08, with a possible 90-day license suspension for a first offense.
• Cell phones: total ban on texting, but no hand-held phone ban except for young drivers.
• Young drivers: learners license minimum age of 15, and young driver license minimum age of 16. Night driving and passenger restrictions also apply.
• Safety belts: compulsory, with fines for non-use.

There are also other laws applying to older drivers, low-speed vehicles, pickup trucks, and child restraints. When crash rates are high, not only is it traumatic and in some cases devastating, but it also tends to push up the cost of Maine auto insurance in the process. Practicing safe and sensible driving is well worth it help to save lives and money as well!