Maine home insurance policies can cover you for house and possession damage and loss and liability coverage in case of injury to other people. By keeping your house and property in good repair you can help to minimize the risk of injuries occurring and hopefully reduce the need to file insurance claims and pay deductibles.


  • Keep your stairs and steps safe by repairing any damage, having coverings fixed in place to avoid tripping, ensuring good lighting for visibility and putting sturdy handrails up.
  • Fix uneven floor problems to avoid trips and slips, and make sure floor coverings are secured.
  • Check the batteries of your smoke alarm regularly.
  • Eliminate mold from your home by fixing water leaks, humidifiers and exhaust fans.


  • Keep outside steps and railings in good repair. Fix brightly colored strips to steps if they are hard to see.
  • Repair holes in your roof and brickwork to help deter pests and rain from coming inside.
  • Trim away dead tree branches and shrubbery as these could cause havoc in strong winds.
  • Construct a safety fence around your swimming pool.

There is much more to home maintenance than is listed here and it’s a good idea to devise a seasonal maintenance plan or checklist, in order to make sure all your jobs get done!  Make sure your Maine home insurance liability coverage is adequate to protect your assets, and that you fully understand what is covered by your policy.