With Maine having been recently hit by tropical storms, and with coverage for damage from floods not being a part of most home insurance policies, it makes sense when buying Maine Home Insurance for your property to take out additional coverage for flood damage.  

According to the Government’s National Flood Insurance Program or NFIP  the cost of the average flood insurance policy is around $600 a year. This is not a big price to pay considering that property damage could amount to tens of thousands of dollars or even more, if severe flooding should strike.  Flood insurance premiums are based on several factors, including area flood-risk, the year the building was constructed, the number of floors and location of contents, as well as the policy deductibles.  

However if there is the likelihood of flood approaching, it’s also a good idea to prepare your home for the possibility of damage. The NFIP recommendations include:

  • Doing a thorough inventory of your home.
  • Moving electrical components to a higher spot.
  • Clearing away debris from downspouts and gutters.
  • Moving furniture and valuables to a safe spot. 
  • Placing electrical equipment on cement blocks.
  • Making up an emergency kit of food, water, first aid, radio and flashlight.
  • Having a clear emergency plan in place for your household.

Suffering damage to your home can be devastating. Adding flood coverage to your Maine home insurance helps to at least give you a little peace of mind that all is not lost in the event that your home is damaged by flood.