by Hollie McAfee

A few blogs ago, I wrote about my daughter and her driver’s permit.  Yesterday, she took her test and got her license!  I am both proud and terrified.  She got in my van and drove it to school, following a lecture from me about negotiating the tricky intersection at the end of our road and watching for school buses on the way home.  I will probably lecture her on Saturday, when she babysits at a house on a busy main road, about turning around so she can drive out of the driveway instead of backing into traffic.  I will lecture her about not goofing off with her brother when they go anywhere together.  I will lecture her about not using her cell phone, about keeping the radio turned down low and watching out for the dreaded Aroostook County moose.

Realistically, do kids listen to all of the lectures?

At a recent work meeting about the F.A. Peabody website, I learned about the Young Driver – Parent/Guardian Contract.  Here’s a link to it: