It was an interesting evening in
Houlton, Maine Saturday night. No sooner had Facebook users’ news
feeds filled up with friends sharing WAGM TV’s status about a
criminal on the loose, than a new update was posted about the man’s
arrest. Benjamin Gottke, a prisoner in Lousiana, escaped on
Thursday, stole an unmarked police cruiser, and drove to Houlton.
Apparently wanting to cross the border into Canada, he got turned
around at Customs and sped away, abandoning the car in Houlton and
running on foot.

WAGM TV, in Presque Isle, and WHOU
Radio in Houlton got the word out on the air and on their Facebook
pages as soon as it was released to them by the Houlton Police
Department. Community residents immediately started watching for the
man, and eventually a tip led to his apprehension at the corner of
High and Park Streets.

Read the news here:

This sort of thing is a rare occurrence
in Houlton, which reminds us of how blessed we are to live here.
Small towns tend to have less crime, but we must give most of the
credit to the outstanding law enforcement agencies that protect
Southern Aroostook County and ultimately the country. Thanks to HPD,
the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department, the Maine State Police and
U.S. Customs and Border Protection for all you do!