Protecting your identity is not just checking your credit score every once in a while, and keeping your Social Security Number in a safe place. 

You should now be cautious of medical identity theft.  This is not as common as financial identity theft, but it can and does happen.

Some general precautions you can implement to better safeguard yourself from this type of fraud are:

**Keep your insurance card in a safe place:  Your Health Insurance card should be treated just like your credit and debit cards.  Never give out the number to anyone that you are not familiar with, and especially do not give it out to telemarketers.

 **Ask for a printout of your prescriptions:  Every once in a while ask your pharmacist to give you a print out of prescriptions that are dispensed to you.  This is the equivalent of getting your credit report, it makes sure there are no prescriptions being given out in your name that you are not receiving.

**Use reputable online resources:  When surfing the Internet for health advice, it is best to stick with sites you are familiar with, such as WebMD.  Before you ever submit and information to a site make sure your read, and understand, their privacy policy.