Hailey Vanier 2019 Summer Intern

Since 2015, the F.A. Peabody Company (FAPCO) has hired college students for our summer internship program, in hopes of spreading an interest among college graduates in pursuing a rewarding career in the insurance industry and promoting Aroostook County opportunities. Our first intern, Shasta Shields, went on to graduate with a business degree and is now a full time employee of our agency. Other interns have included students from the greater Houlton area, where our main office is located. But, this year, we have utilized our branch offices and remote access capabilities and hired a student who lives in Madawaska. This allows us to promote our program throughout the state, and broaden opportunities for Maine students.

We are pleased to have Hailey Vanier as part of our team this summer. We asked her to write a guest blog to share her experience with FAPCO so far.

“Movies and television shows make internships out to be this dreadful experience of going for infinite coffee runs, never getting the order right, and staying at the office late into the night to get through the never-ending piles of paperwork towered around your desk. And as that picture is imprinted in our minds, I couldn’t help but worry on the first day of my internship.

“Rest assured, my experience was nothing like the movies.

“When touring the Houlton F.A. Peabody office, everyone was so kind—greeting me with a handshake and a line that was said so often I almost thought they had rehearsed it:  ‘Welcome to our team.’

“With every task I was given I was sure to be reminded that help was just a few offices down the hall or a phone call away—really, Peter Holmes, the company’s CFO, saved me when a mail merge wasn’t cooperating.

“It was assuring to know that I’m completing this educational and professional journey with a team of employees who are so dedicated to their clients, coworkers, and to the companies working hand in hand with F.A. Peabody.

“Many of the people I have met throughout this experience ask me two questions: “Where are you from?” and, “Where do you go to school?” My answer is always the same: “Madawaska, Maine,” and “Thomas College.”  Two places on nearly opposite ends of the state that have so many similar characteristics. But my favorite part? Each time I’m asked that question I get to hear a story of someone who grew up in my home town, lives in my home town, and if I’m fortunate enough, a story of my parents from their younger years. Maybe that’s because of the small towns we’ve been raised in, or perhaps it’s because of the dedicated employees at F.A. Peabody creating lifelong relationships with clients.

“And although I am only two weeks into my summer internship, I already have so much to be thankful for. Every experience, skill, and bit of knowledge I’ve learned will go so far. So from the intern down the hall, thank you.”

Hailey Vanier grew up in Madawaska and attends Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. Majoring in Digital Marketing Management, she plans to spend her career working in part with a company to promote their ideas, business practices, and products across different media platforms.