We want to start having a little bit of fun on Mondays.  We’d like to have you send us old photos of people!  Anyone you want.  Maybe it’s a loved-one’s birthday, or you have a class reunion coming up, or you just want to share a great old picture.  Send it to me in an email to ten.sselwp@eefacmh, or in a private message on the F.A. Peabody Facebook page (make sure to “like” us, too!)  I’ll post a new picture every Monday and people can guess who it is.  And we’ll call it “Mugshot Monday.”

This is not limited to the Houlton area!  One of the cool features of Facebook is the ability to target our posts to geographical areas, and we have branches in 8 locations with fans in all of the surrounding towns.  Let us know where you’re from, and we’ll target it to your area.  And have your friends “like” us so they can see what we’re up to!