With summer on the way, you may be expecting your parents or in-laws to stop by to bond with the children over the break. As you prepare your home for guests, pay special consideration to the bathroom. Water and electricity could be a deadly combination, but in the modern household, they must coexist together. When they come in contact with one another, you could be facing the risk of a fire or electrocution. Your homeowners insurance Maine may pay for the damage to your home or the medical bills for your guests, but you could keep the vacation from being ruined by taking steps to lessen the risk.

•Keep all electrical appliances, such as razors and hairdryers, away from the bathtub and sink. It is generally a good idea to keep such items unplugged and put away when not in use.
•After bathing, never hang wet towels near electrical outlets. Hampers for dirty clothes should also be placed away from outlets.
•Do not allow small children to splash during bath time. One big splatter could short-circuit nearby outlets.
•You should also not overload electrical outlets. Using extension cords to plug in additional items could be dangerous.

A bathroom poses more than just the risk of fire and electrocution. With hard, slick surfaces, the environment is conducive to falls as well. A major fall could lead to an ER visit for a concussion or broken bones. You may be glad you invested in homeowners insurance is a guest ever looks to you for expensive medical bills after an accident in your home.