A tough economic climate has forced many of us to become more resourceful and cost-conscious. Home owners are quick to take advantage of any money-saving opportunity, whether it be claiming discounts on Maine home insurance premiums or learning new do-it-yourself skills.

Equipment like ladders, power drills, floor sanding machines, concrete mixers and power cleaners can be rented by the hour, day or week. The equipment is returned to the rental shop when the job is completed, so your basement, garage or garden shed is not crammed with valuable, seldom used equipment. Renting rather than buying tools is an environmentally sustainable habit, and using good quality purpose-designed equipment helps a do-it-yourself enthusiast to make proficient and professional home improvements.

A word of caution for the home owner who is planning to take on a do-it-yourself project: know your own limitations. Some building maintenance skills can be learnt on the job, and are well within the scope of a competent handy person, but a few types of specialist work should only be tackled by experienced, qualified professional contractors. A DIY rewire of your home electrical installation may save a few hundred dollars, but may compromise your Maine home insurance coverage and, more seriously, poses a rise of fire and electric shock.