by Hollie McAfee

One of the great things about my job is that, although I blog for an insurance agency, I don’t have to always blog about insurance!  This Simplify Your Life Week has been fun.  I asked my Facebook friends what they’ve done to simplify their life.  Here are some of the answers:

Work less.
Send husband and son golfing.
Put all keys in one drawer.
Married a controlling woman (that was my husband, and that comment did NOT simplify his life!)
Moved to The County.
Moved to Maine.

I’m especially interested in the last two answers.  I grew up in the Houlton area, so life in Maine, and in The County in particular, has just seemed…normal.  Not simple, not complicated.  I did live in other parts of the country for five years when I was young and married to a Navy submariner (same husband that made the smart comment above.)  Is my life more simple now that I’m back in Maine?  It’s certainly busy now that we have kids, which we didn’t have when we lived “away.”  There is less traffic, so I can drive faster.  But, I have to drive further to get anywhere.  There are less entertainment and shopping choices nearby, but we have Netflix and online shopping.  There does seem to be less crime here, and our schools are smaller, which I think has benefited my kids.  Still, I seem to have the ability to over-complicate my life no matter where I live.

Perhaps I’m such a simple person at heart that I don’t even realize that life in Maine is more simple than other parts of the country.  I know I love it here no matter what!  What about you?  Do you think life in Maine is less complicated than other parts of the U.S.?

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