After a long winter of ice and snow, spring has finally arrived. Along with warmer weather, sunny days, and outdoor fun, the change of the season should be used as an opportunity to ensure your home is in tiptop shape. With a little effort now, you may be able to prevent small issues from growing into larger problems that could require you to file a claim with your homeowners insurance policy. Here are a few common problem areas you should check, and some spring maintenance tasks.

• Winter storms may have blown off or damaged shingles on your roof.
• Carefully examine your attic for any signs of water damage, which could hint at an unseen leak.
• Check the seals around your doors and windows for cracking – the caulk and weather stripping may need to be replaced if they are thoroughly damaged.
• Clean both your dryer vents and ductwork.
• Clear out all debris from your gutters and downspouts.
• Inspect your basement or crawlspace for wet spots – look for the source of the water if any are found.
• Replace the batteries in both your smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detector. Make sure to test both devices.
• Trim back trees that have grown too close to your home.
• Repair cracks in your walkways.

By keeping your home in good repair, you help lessen your chance of experiencing damage or injury from a fire or other unfortunate event. While your homeowners insurance Maine could help pay for the expenses related to such mishaps, it is important to do your part by way of a little preventive maintenance. However do make sure you keep your insurance up-to-date – your agent is the one to contact if you need to revise your coverage.