You probably purchased homeowners insurance in Maine to ensure you have financial cover if something unexpected, such as a fire, were to damage your home. When it comes to small repairs or odd jobs around the home, some people decide to fix things themselves rather than pay for professional help. But before you decide to undertake work on your house, make sure you know a few basic rules to stay safe during home repairs.

•    You should never attempt jobs outside your comfort or skill zone.

•    Work areas should be kept tidy to limit the creation of hazards.

•    The proper clothing and safety gear should be obtained before starting work.

•    Power tools should not be used for anything except the manufacturer’s recommended purpose.

•    Ladders should be placed on flat surfaces.

•    You should also have three points of contact when using a ladder: two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands.

•    Check the weather before beginning an exterior project.

•    Flammable substances should be kept away from heat sources.

If you do make significant changes to your home as part of repairs, or you undertake a renovation of part of your home, it’s a good idea to review your Maine homeowners insurance policy to ensure your coverage is still appropriate.