Driving through the snow this January? You might be taking to the road to visit distant friends and relatives in Maine. Auto insurance is a must at any time of year, but winter conditions can be harsh in Maine, increasing the risk of bumps and scrapes to your car.

Driving safely can be challenging and will probably require extra concentration. You’ll have enough to do without worrying about your car’s ability to cope with winter. Here are a couple of winter driving tips to help make your journey trouble-free:

• Pre-trip maintenance includes making sure you have enough windshield washer in the reservoir. It should be winter rated for the temperature ranges you may experience.
• Check your tires too. Worn tires are a hazard at any time and more so when you add snow and ice into the equation. Have you got the right sort of tires? Regular ones may be adequate in some areas, but winter tires provide better traction in icy conditions. Remember to monitor tire pressure too, as it goes down in the cold.

Finally, has your car had a full service recently? It might be worth scheduling one if it’s been a while! Should your car break down or have an accident, you might need to be towed, or make claim on your Maine auto insurance, which is probably not how you want to remember this holiday season!