Summer is a great time to boost your business’ earnings, thanks to the addition of vacationers. The Maine Emergency Management Agency warns that the summer months also bring with them an increased risk for thunderstorms. Severe weather is a hazard that puts both your business and your customers in danger. With this in mind, it is best to be prepared both by having appropriate business insurance and by taking measures to prevent damage.

An important part of preparing for severe weather is learning to recognize when a storm approaches. The MEMA suggests showing caution if one or more of the following conditions are met.

•    A low level of moisture in the area – this is often accompanied by warm muggy air.

•    Cumulus clouds begin to accumulate, creating towers in the sky.

•    The local meteorologist warns of an approaching front.

•    The sound of thunder in the distance is also a key clue.

You may want to consider closing up shop temporarily during severe weather until the storm runs its course. The surfaces around your building could become slick because of the rain, increasing the odds of a fall. The water could be tracked into the entry of your business, creating the perfect environment for a nasty slip and a liability related insurance claim.

When you are unwilling to allow a severe storm to interrupt your business, you and your employees should avoid contact with electrical equipment, wires, phone cords, metal objects, and plumbing connections. This could decrease the odds of a lightning-related injury. It’s also important to have insurance in place, in case a severe storm does cause enough damage to your building to disrupt your business operations. Mother Nature loves to show her fury, but being weather-smart could go a long way in preventing disaster.