As a responsible business owner, you may have some amount of Maine business insurance, but do you have enough? Many business owners fail to consider the possibility of experiencing a total loss after a disaster. Fire, for example, could easily destroy everything you have worked so hard to build. The Pine Tree State has seen its fair share of blazes, but some stay in the minds of the firefighting community long after the flames have been extinguished.

According to the March 2011 edition of Maine Fire Marshal News, the most disastrous fire to occur in the state’s recorded history is the 1850 Augusta Insane Hospital fire, which killed 28 people. The wing in which the fire was started was totally destroyed. The subsequent investigations led authorities to believe an improperly installed furnace was the reason behind the catastrophe.

What is the likelihood of a fire occurring at your business? You may be at greater risk than you think. With vandalism and arson prevalent in today’s society, and the possibility of electrical fires and lightning strikes, it’s a risk we can’t afford to ignore. Carefully consider your current Maine business insurance. Does it offer enough coverage for you to rebuild your business from scratch?