By Hollie McAfee

This morning I drove my son to school during a snow squall.  It wasn’t a severe storm, just a lot of spitting snow and wind. After I dropped him off and turned my car 180 degrees, the skies were bright and sunny ahead. And that is pretty much how every March day goes in Maine.

March is a terrible tease.  This year it has started out with a lot of hope. Above freezing temperatures and no snow yet. Of course, it is only March 6th. Later this week the forecast is predicting 1-2 feet of fresh, wet, heavy snow.  And this is just in Aroostook County. Southern and Coastal Maine have received snow and flooding already this month.

There have been years that I could not see over my snowbank on the last day of March and other years that the snow was gone and my kids were riding their bikes across the lawn, dust flying in their trails. Either of those scenarios could take place this year.

March is a great time of year to think about insurance and ask yourself some questions:

When the snow melts it can cause flooding, do you have flood insurance for your home? It takes 30 days for a new policy to become effective, so now is the time to buy.

Is your home prone to water backup in your basement? Make sure you have sump pump and water backup coverage on your homeowners policy.

Do you have a ding in your windshield from all the rocks on the road? Many insurance companies will waive your glass deductible if you get that ding repaired before it becomes a crack and your whole windshield needs to be replaced.

Is cabin fever giving you the urge to start shopping for an ATV or motorcycle? We have great rates and can compare prices with several different companies.

Love it or hate it, March is winter’s last grip on Maine for the season and will be followed soon by mud season and flowers blooming. The dirty s dirty-snow-background-01 nowbanks will melt away and things will turn green again!