Have you ever experienced a burglary? The homeowners who have had their homes invaded by thieves could tell you how stressful an experience it is. 

Even with a state-of-the-art security system, bright exterior lights, and a trained guard dog, thieves may still find a way in. While a good homeowners insurance Maine policy could help pay for replacing your stolen possessions, there are some sensible, routine precautions you can take to both speed up the claims process and which may even help increase the chances of having your stolen items returned.

•Make a list of all your possessions. With this, include receipts, date of purchase, and serial number.
•Take photographs or videos of your possessions. Make sure to capture any features that could help someone recognize your items.
•Engrave your possessions with some sort of identifying mark. This may be helpful in proving that the object is yours.

The unfortunate truth is that while police officers may complete a thorough search for your stolen possessions, they may never be able to recover them. Having a homeowners insurance Maine policy that compensates you for theft could help ensure you are able to replace all the items lost during a burglary