The Pine Tree State sometimes experiences a variety of extreme weather events. As a resident of this area, you should not fail to acknowledge the importance of having comprehensive homeowners insurance. Maine residents should know that Mother Nature could unleash a storm of mass destruction at any time. Are you prepared?

Many people take steps to not only prepare their homes for natural disasters, but also train their families in knowing what to do when a severe storm threatens. Many households have emergency supply kits ready in case of weather events that could limit access or movement. Do you have a similar pack in your home? Weather radio receivers, torches, batteries, and a first aid kit could be some of the items to consider for your kit.

A weather radio receiver is a device designed to help homeowners to get up-to-date information of the weather on the local, state, and national level. There are many stations broadcasting this type of information all day, every day. Many of these devices are small enough to be taken on trips. For greater mobility and functionality during an emergency, you may also find models with the option of using an AC adapter and batteries as backup power.

With the warnings offered by weather radios, you could ensure each member of the household gets to a shelter on time. Knowing your family is safe could lead to a less stressful period in the aftermath of the storm. You will probably have many things to attend to during this time, such as filing a homeowners insurance Maine claim where you’re eligible and cleaning up your home when it’s safe to do so.