There is only so much a home owner can do when they are caught off guard by a tornado. Once the winds are battering your house, all you can do is hope that you aren’t injured and that your homeowners insurance covers all the damage. Before the storm hits, however, there are several precautionary measures you could take to help weather the storm safely.

Many houses only have a ground floor with no basement, so where is the safest place for your family to wait out the foul weather? It was once thought that the southwest corner of a home was the safest place during a tornado, in a building that offered no underground shelter. It is now reportedly considered that this belief was unfounded. Those who lack basements should consider turning one of their interior rooms into a safe room.

What is a safe room? It is a room that is built to stand up to severe weather and other disasters. Many are anchored to the ground to help ensure strong winds do not sweep them up along with the rest of the structure. They usually have no windows and a strong roof to ensure falling debris does not threaten the occupants.

By building a safe room, your family and prized possessions could weather a tornado with ease. You should still obtain homeowners insurance Maine before severe storms wreak havoc on your neighborhood however, to help ensure you receive financial aid after a disaster.