Standard homeowners insurance in Maine generally covers fire and one of the leading causes of house fires can be a gas leak. Do you know what to do should you suspect a gas leak on your property? Your actions during such an event could determine whether a fire starts or is averted. Here is what to do if you suspect a gas leak.

How to Recognize a Gas Leak

Natural gas is generally considered a colorless and odorless substance, so how do you know if there is a leak? To help homeowners in this, the utility providers add mercaptan to the gas, which gives off an odor comparable to rotten eggs. Should you smell this inside your home, you may have a leak.

What to Do When One Occurs

The first thing you should do is to leave the property immediately. Although it may seem smart to turn off the appliances this can be risky too as the smallest spark could ignite the gas. Make sure you call 911 from a neighbor’s house or your cell phone as soon as you are safe. When help arrives, allow the paramedics to check you for signs of poisoning.

You should not return home until a professional has surveyed the house and made any necessary repairs. In the event that your home does sustain damage, you may need to call on your homeowners insurance. Maine homeowners in need of a new policy or who would like to obtain comparative quotes are always welcome to call us.