Living in Maine comes with its perks, such as being able to get the best lobster available this side of the hemisphere fresh from the ocean. The climate is another great feature – with an average of 121 days of snow per year, Maine is the place to be for any winter sports fanatic. The snow storms that keep the slopes frosty may also do a number on your home. Without homeowners insurance Maine, you could be left out in the cold, footing some hefty repair bills.

Snow may be beautiful, but that does not mean it is not dangerous. The combination of snow and ice that typically occurs throughout winters in the Pine Tree State could cause a variety of issues for homeowners. Frozen precipitation could get heavy, especially if you allow it to build up. With storm after storm piling on more snow and ice, your roof could reach its breaking point. A collapsed roof is a very big deal. Not only do you need to worry about replacing the roof, you could also lose a lot of your belongings underneath the rubble. You may also experience water damage as the snow no longer has a barrier to keep it from falling into your living room.

Being prepared for the unforeseen is a step we should take for ourselves and our families. Having a homeowners insurance policy could very well mean the difference between losing it all, or losing it with no worries about replacing lost items.