Does your age affect how you drive? The answer to this question is yes. Does your age affect your insurance rates? The answer to this question is also yes but the more important part of this question is why younger people’s rates so high are? Auto Insurance in Maine for a young person is really expensive and you should know why rates are as high as they are. Well the reason behind having high rates for young adults is because auto insurance is based off your driving record and without having a driving record the insurance companies have to base the price of the insurance purely on the statistics of other young drivers. The unfortunate part about this is that you may be a great driver and a safe driver but because your neighbor has gotten into accidents and other people of the same sex and age have gotten into accidents. The way that rates can change forever is simple. If you don’t get into accidents then you will contribute to the people in your category for drivers in a positive way. But the problem is that it is easier to gain a good reputation than get rid of a bad one and young drivers these days have one of the worst reputations in the driving world.  Statistically seventeen year olds are five times as likely to be involved in a major car accident as adults twice their age. (Study from 2007 on young drivers) The informational graphic below will show you all the statistics and information that you would need to know about young drivers and Auto Insurance. If you any questions regarding Auto Insurance in Maine or any other type of Insurance in Maine go to and fill out a contact us form and an expert will be in contact with you as soon as possible.