Bid bond

A bonded company is a successful company

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to build your reputation in the community.  Through ethical business practices, consumer recommendations and satisfied customers, you’ve created a company that is profitable and successful.  But no matter what business you’re in, making sure your company is bonded speaks volumes about your reliability and professionalism.

Whether you are an independent contractor or the owner of a larger operation, bond insurance means that your clients and customers have supplemental peace of mind. Bonding separates side-business contractors from seasoned professionals. Consider who you would hire to rewire the electrical panels in your house: a local handy-man with a decent reputation, or the bonded, insured, licensed neighborhood contractor who can provide you legitimate assurance that the job will be done right?

Types of Surety bonds

  • Contract bonds
    • Payment bonds
    • Bid bonds
    • Performance bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • License & Permit bonds

Types of Fidelity bonds

  • Schedule bonds
  • Blanket bonds

 If you’re company isn’t bonded, it should be!

Contact F. A. Peabody (FAPCO) today to discuss the ways we can help legitimize your new business with bond insurance. If you own an established business and already have bond insurance, it might be time to review your coverage and make sure there aren’t any gaps.  Call us at 877-960-1457 or by filling out the Get Started form.  F. A. Peabody is here to answer any questions you may have and provide the expert guidance you need to find the policy that’s right for you.