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Why Would Anyone Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is an easy thing to blow off, however it is also one of the easiest and least expensive policies to buy. It typically insures a tenant’s personal belongings from damage or theft. There is also coverage for additional living expenses if your home is damaged, medical expense coverage for treating others’ injuries on your premises, and protection for renters from personal liability claims. It is similar to a homeowners policy, therefore you may be eligible for a discount on your renters and auto policies if we write them with the same company.


  • Personal Belongings
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Medical expenses for treating others
  • Liability

Common Renters Insurance Myths:

Renters insurance is too expensive. Not true; the standard policy is around $120 +/- annually.

My landlord’s policy covers me. Not true; generally the landlord’s policy covers just the building itself.

My landlord is liable if someone is injured in my apartment. Not true; that event is usually excluded.

In other words, renters insurance is worth it!

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