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Meeting the insurance needs of Northern Maine at our Caribou, Maine insurance office.

Caribou, Maine is the most northeastern city in the United States. Much of the regions weather forecasts are determined at the National Weather Service facility in Caribou. Often, Caribou’s winter temperatures set records as the coldest in the nation. But, that doesn’t stop the hardy residents from living life and running businesses all year round. F.A. Peabody Insurance is no different. Caribou F.A. Peabody Insurance

Caribou boasts its area as a “Three Nation Vacation” in its melting pot community, representing the United States, Canada, and the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, who have many residents and operations in Caribou. Each fall also brings visitors from around the world as the city hosts the Caribou Marathon, a qualifier for the iconic Boston Marathon.

Our Caribou insurance office is located in the historic downtown area. Our staff there is always ready to serve the community with top-rate insurance products. Whether you need home insurance, auto insurance, business, logging, or trucking insurance, we’re here to help!

In addition to Caribou, our office provides insurance to many surrounding communities. For instance, if you live in Limestone, Van Buren, Sinclair, Fort Kent, Eagle Lake, or any other area in Central and Northern Aroostook County, give us a call!

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Diane DuMont, ACSR, CISR

Northern Aroostook District Supervisor

  • Accredited Customer Service Representative
  • Certified Insurance Service Representative


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Email: moc.ydobaepaf@tnomud.enaid

Troy Heald, CIC, AINS

Northern Aroostook District Manager / Agent

  • Certified Insurance Counselor
  • Associate in General Insurance

Fun Fact:

Troy also pastors a local church, spent 18 years in a volunteer fire department and officiated high school basketball for 20 years.


Phone: 207-493-5815

Email: moc.ydobaepaf@dlaeh.yort


Scott Findlen

Sales Agent


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Email: moc.ydobaepaf@neldnif.ttocs

Danna Beaulieu

Personal Lines Customer Service Agent


Phone: 207-498-2523

Email: moc.ydobaepaf@ueiluaeb.annad

Dawn Halkyard

Commercial Lines Customer Service Agent

Fun fact –
“I teach insurance and professional development courses for the Maine Insurance Agents Association and the International Association of Insurance Professionals, many of which are my original created content.”


Phone: 207-554-4766

Email: moc.ydobaepaf@drayklah.nwad

Kelly Wark

Senior Account Manager


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Email: moc.ydobaepaf@kraw.yllek

Shantelle Wilcox

Senior Account Manager


Phone: 207-554-4758

Email: moc.ydobaepaf@xocliw.elletnahs

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