F.A. Peabody Company Commitment Statement


F.A. Peabody Company Commitment

Commitment to our Clients

We will be steadfast in our efforts to improve all facets of the F.A. Peabody Company through the reinvestment in and continued development of our systems, services, and assets.

Personal Touch
Each client deserves to be recognized as an individual with unique needs. We utilize technology to enhance personal contact rather than replace it, responding to requests timely, regardless of communication methodology.

Each client deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy by every employee throughout the company. We will conduct our business in an ethical manner.

Each client deserves such a high level of satisfaction that a continuing relationship is desired and communicated to others.

Each client deserves to be served by knowledgeable, educated employees.

Each client deserves access to our services whenever needed.

Commitment to our Employees

We recognize our employees as our most important resource.

Each employee deserves fair consideration and respect in the conduct of our business.

Each employee deserves qualified training, responsible guidance, meaningful job duties, and competitive compensation.

Each employee deserves a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace.

Each employee deserves the opportunity to contribute to and share with pride in the reputation and esteem attributed to the F.A. Peabody Company.

Commitment to our Insurance Companies

We will work as partners with our companies and respect the authority they have vested in us.

Our Commitment to our Communities

We are proud of our local communities, state and nation. We are committed to making significant contributions as citizens, volunteers and entrepreneurs.

We urge and support our employees and our neighbors to become actively involved in improving the quality of life within their communities.

Our Guarantee

Should we fail in any of the above commitments, we pledge to respond to the concerns and take appropriate action.

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