Our agency understands the ins and outs of mobile home insurance in Maine.

Many Maine insurance agents don’t understand that insurance for your mobile home is different than insuring standard homes. However, F. A. Peabody Insurance Company (FAPCO) has insurance carriers that specialize in manufactured housing, and build insurance products specific to this market.

Real Customer Experience:

A customer reached out to us for a quote on their auto insurance, because their prices with State Farm increased dramatically. Our agent not only gave them better coverage on their auto, but also provide mobile home insurance at much better coverage than they had. In the end, the client had better coverage and had saved over $1,800 a year. It pays to have multiple policies with us!

FAPCO will customize an affordable policy that fits your specific needs

Finding the right insurance for your mobile home can be frustrating. But, our experienced agents are ready to talk to you about a policy for your mobile home that includes options like:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – including:
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Vandalism
    • Falling Objects
    • Water Damage
    • Damage from wild or stray animals
    • Weather Damage
  • Other Coverage
    • Structures such as your garage or shed
    • Your personal property
    • Liability Coverage
  • Replacement Cost Coverage (optional )
  • Extra Customized Coverage (optional)
    • Trip Coverage (should you move your home)
    • Earthquake Coverage
    • Flood Coverage
    • Liability extensions to additional residences
    • Identity fraud expense coverage
    • Hobby Farm Protection

In addition, we can save you money on your car insurance if you bundle it with your mobile home insurance!

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