F.A. Peabody Company Vision Statement


F.A. Peabody Company Vision


1. Strong Brand Identity: To become the most well-known and well respected
agency in the target markets we serve

2. Grow: To become the market share leader in the target markets where we do

3. Strong Relationships: To maintain excellent insurance carrier relationships
and focus on total account management with our clients keeping their best interest
at heart

4. Technologically Advanced: High tech, high touch agency with smooth
efficient internal operations

5. Top-Notch Employees: Provide and retain the most knowledgeable, educated
& trained employees

6. Employer of Choice: High levels of investment in people by proving excellent
work environments and competitive compensation with incentives for each to
achieve excellence.

7. Standard Setter: Our practices in the industry and in the business community
are to be viewed as a model for others to emulate.

8. Community Involvement: To be a leader in our communities with active

F. A. Peabody Company
“When you’re serious about Insurance”


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