10 Good Reasons to Switch Your Insurance Coverage

Thinking about making the switch to another insurance agent? Here are ten good reasons to switch your insurance coverage.

1. When you’re with a direct writer:

If price, coverage and claims payment are important to you, remember that “captive agents” are not independent.  They work for their company first and for you second.

2. When premiums increase every year: 

Sure, prices can go up.  But they can also go down.  If you face “automatic” increases every year, either you agent is not able to change companies, or doesn’t wish to.

3. When your agent doesn’t shop for you: 

You shouldn’t have to call a half dozen sources to get the best coverage and competitive rates.  Your agent should analyze your needs, and offer you options from which to choose.

4. When an agent doesn’t offer you “Risk Management”:

Hints on reducing risk and installing safety devices (alarm systems, dead bolts, etc.) should be part of the service.  They can save you money, as well as grief.

5. When you hear from your agent only at renewal time: 

You deserve to be contacted periodically, not just when your premium is due.  A mid-year review on most coverages (to be sure they are still current) should be part of the service.

6. When you call and it takes forever to find your file or call back:

When you call, it’s Important!  So whether your agent, a customer representative or a secretary answers your account information should be immediately available.  An important part of service!

7. When there’s no “Personal” claims service:

Let’s face it – when you have a loss, you don’t want to talk to a recording or voicemail or an ‘800’ number.  You want and deserve a human voice and personal assistance for a fast, fair claim settlement.

8. When you can’t get all of your coverage from a single source:

Maine personal Insurance (and Maine business Insurance, if you have a business), and life/accident and health insurance can all be under one roof.  That way, no matter what protection you need, no matter what losses you suffer – you always know where to go.

9. When you don’t have your own agent or customer service representative:

Insurance is a service business and you’re entitled to be served – not only by and agent but by a customer service representative and a dedicated staff that cares about your important business.

10. When you’re not so sure about the insurer who provides you coverage:

“Stability” should be the name of the game when it comes to your insurance company.  If you don’t recognize the name, or find that the company has a poor rating, it’s probably a good idea to get a second opinion.

If you are interested in correcting any of these insurance “problems” or would like a second opinion, or a competitive quote on and policy, contact an expert at the F. A. Peabody Company. We have many reasons to switch your insurance coverage!

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