It should be no surprise that the term “Attractive Nuisance” was first originated by a judge. It refers to property that naturally attracts children but creates a special obligation on property owners due to its dangerous nature. Empty buildings, trampolines, swimming pools and appliances stored outside are the most common Attractive Nuisances to homeowners.

The special obligation exists because children lack the reasoning ability of adults. Children are easily lured by opportunities to have fun and give little regard to the danger involved. It’s required that adults give special effort to protecting youngsters.

The following serves as examples of available options:

1. Eliminate the nuisance:

Example:  Have old appliances removed from the property immediately

2. Secure the nuisance:

Examples: Remove doors from large appliances awaiting trash pickup

Keep sharp tools and power tools locked away

3. Reduce the possibility of injury from a nuisance

Examples:  Build a locked fence around your pool to prevent access
Do not allow young children to use equipment such as trampolines

Should a person or child get injured involved by your “attractive nuisance”, the personal liability portion of your homeowners policy will cover you. Increasing limits beyond the basic limit is very inexpensive and should be reviewed annually.