On August 26th, the Bangor Police Department issued the following notice on its Facebook page:


The Bangor Police Department would like to remind everyone of the importance of removing high value items, electronics and cash from your car when it is unattended and to always lock it, no matter how long you’re away from it.

Since August 1, 2013 we have responded to 62 burglary to motor vehicle complaints and the most common factors are that cars are left unlocked, and valuable items are stolen. These are mostly happening during overnight hours, so please make sure your cars are locked up before going to bed. Also, make sure to record serial numbers and photograph any high value item or mark it somehow with your initials for easy identification if it is recovered. And, always remove cash from the console or out of plain view.

My colleagues in the Bangor area are also reporting a higher than usual number of car breaks in their communities also. This is not just happening in Bangor. So, please make sure you lock your cars doors wherever you might go for any period of time.”

If you have full coverage on your vehicle, you have coverage for theft of and damage to the vehicle itself, but you do NOT have coverage for the theft of personal property that is in your vehicle.  If you have homeowners or renters coverage, you are covered for items stolen from your vehicle, but it is limited by your deductible, which is often at least $250.  Stolen cash is limited by most policies as well.  To prevent loss, follow the police department’s guidelines above, and check your policies to review your coverage.