by Hollie McAfee

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and many folks are going camping in Maine. They will be headed out with their campers and tents to enjoy our many beautiful parks and campgrounds.  I love to camp with my family, but our busy lives limit us to only once or twice a year.  Our favorite places are the ever popular Baxter State Park and the Bar Harbor area, highlighted by the crowd-drawing Acadia National Park.  No wonder these are among Maine’s most popular tourist attractions.

But, there are many other options besides these two, and I recently took an informal poll of my Facebook friends to find out their favorite places to visit.  These are all pretty close to those of us who live in Northern Maine, and are worth the trip for campers from other areas, as well.  Some of these campgrounds are extra special, because they have their insurance with F.A. Peabody!

Here are some of the favorites of my online friends:

Jo Mary Lake.  On Rt. 11 between Millinocket and Brownville.  This is part of the North Maine Woods, a privately owned multi-use property that provides recreational opportunities as well as manages the harvesting of trees, an important part of the Maine economy.

Birch Point Campground.  Island Falls. Four season campground on the shores of Pleasant lake.

Matagamon Wilderness.  So far off the beaten path, it’s in an unnamed township, T.6. R.8., on the Penobscot River north of Baxter State Park.  Great fishing!

Mattawamkeag Wilderness.  Mattawamkeag. More great fishing and hiking!

Greenland Cove Campground.  Danforth.  Modern conveniences in a beautiful setting on East Grand Lake.

Arndt’s Aroostook River Lodge and Campground.  Presque Isle.  Memorial Day weekend brings with it a full moon this year, so this weekend the campground is having a Halloween theme!

In addition to Baxter State Park, our state government maintains many other State Parks.  Here’s a list of them.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!