Fix your chipped windshield for free

If you have comprehensive coverage, sometimes known as other than collision coverage, on your vehicle, you have coverage for a chipped or broken windshield. A bad break will require that your windshield be replaced. In that case, you will pay the comprehensive deductible, and your insurance policy will pay the rest. In the case of a smaller chip that is able to be repaired, most insurance companies will waive the deductible and fix your chipped windshield for free.

According to Portland Glass, if the chip in your windshield meets certain criteria, it may be able to be repaired.  A repair is permanent, will stop the spread of damage, and takes less than 45 minutes!

Contact us to see if you have coverage for windshield repairs!

To report a windshield claim, find your company at this link and give them a call.

Chipped windshield fix free

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