Since I got this job blogging and managing social media for F.A. Peabody, the old knowledge from my insurance agent days is finding its way back to the working parts of my brain.  I’m starting to at least think about insurance again.  But even if I hadn’t picked up this job, I have a feeling that risk management would have been a hot topic anyway, now that I have two teenagers living under my roof.

My 16-year-old daughter is about to get her driver’s license.  I’ve sat in the passenger seat of my old mini-van for 35 hours preparing her, and myself, for this.  She is ready.  I’m not so sure that I am.  I got the quotes from my friend at the office, and our insurance premiums will certainly take a hit.  But, I guess it will be offset by the gas savings now that our 35 hours of practice are completed.  I’m grateful that my daughter does pretty well in school and can get the good student discount.  What’s really cool about our website is that I downloaded the